Celebrity Wax Figures That Totally Fail


When you think of wax figures you generally think of the holy grail of museums, Madame Tussauds. But there’s actually a number of smaller museums around the world who try their best, but just aren’t quite on the same level. That said, even Madame Tussauds get it a wrongs sometimes! From an unrecognizable Prince William to a misshapen Jennifer Garner, you might have to take a second look to recognize who these interesting replicas are meant to be.

kylie minogue wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

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Now that we know this wax figure is supposed to be a copy of our gal Kylie Minogue, we can see it … kind of. But on first glance, it’s a different story. Does it still count if you have to explain to your friends who the celebrity waxwork is you’re posing with in a photo? Rumor has it, the showgirl is back in the studio. Perhaps a new album might inspire a new and (hopefully) improved wax figure.

beyonce wax

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(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Shakira, is that you?! We’re calling it: Beyoncé’s Madame Tussauds wax figure does not look like Beyoncé. She’s probably too busy with the newly-debuted twins to notice, thankfully… (It’s worth mentioning this isn’t the only time Queen Bey appears on this list!)

christiano ronaldo wax

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(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Ok, ok, this technically isn’t a wax figure (more a downright monstrosity) but we had to include this statue of Cristiano Ronaldo. The soccer star returned to his home of Madeira, Portugal, where they’re renaming an airport after him. They also unveiled this statue. Uncanny, right?!

meryl streep wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Poor Meryl. It’s not enough she has President Trump calling her a “overrated” and Chanel boss Karl Lagerfield deeming her “cheap,” now it seems the artists over at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood may have a bone to pick with her because there’s something just not quite right about her recently revamped wax figure. The more you look, the more you can see it.

julia roberts wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Julia Roberts looking like a not-so pretty woman now.

jennifer lopez wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Help! Jennifer Lopez’s head has been deflated.

jennifer garner wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Jennifer Garner’s head looks as though it has been accidentally attached to a bodybuilder figure at this museum.

katy perry wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Katy Perry is close, but a blue wig doesn’t fix the problems here.

chris hemsworth wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Chris Hemsworth doesn’t looked convinced with his wax Thor replica. Is it the tiny head or platinum blonde Barbie wig that’s throwing you, buddy?

nicole kidman wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

If she wasn’t labeled, we’d have no idea this was meant to be Nicole Kidman.

bill clinton wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Whoever made this Bill Clinton figure needs to step away from the wax. But perhaps more pressing is why faux Bill has a cat on his shoulder. No really, any ideas?

kim kardashian wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Faux Kim Kardashian seems like the real thing, until you realize it actually has the face of her sister Kendall Jenner.

beyonce wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Someone who has never seen before Beyoncé clearly made this figure. Clearly.

emma watson wax

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

We can’t put out finger on it, but there’s just something not quite right about this Emma Watson wax figure.

justin bieber

(Photo Credit: Now to Love)

Justin Bieber looks like the Ken doll version of himself in this glossy plastic creation.

This post was written by Katie Skelly. For more, check out our sister site Now to Love.

Hopefully Kylie Jenner’s wax figure turns out a little better than her sister’s.

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